Nascar Sprint Media Tour Hosted By Charlotte Motor Speedway Day 3

By on February 6, 2018

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: photographing sports, like most photography, isn’t really that hard. All it takes is the right equipment, the right settings, and the right eye for the action.

Newman will indeed be remembered, and for a great many things. From the brilliant roles he played, to his incredible philanthropy, to his impact on the Flo motorsports world as both a racer himself and as founder of Newman/Haas/Lanigan racing.

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Elliot Sadler has won all three of his career NASCAR Sprint Cup races while driving a Ford. When Sadler moved to Dodge in August of 2006 and the then Ray Evernham owned team he didn’t win another race. Sadler’s first win was in a Ford, driving for the legendary Woods Brothers in 2001. That was the last win for the Woods Brothers, who are now involved in NASCAR on a part-time basis.

Huggins has been a NHRA drag racing fan for many years as his father has drag raced for decades and has been on SPEED TV’s Pass Time show with his 1968 Chevelle. He has also had opportunity recently to be close to NASCAR drivers with his role at NASCAR.

NASCAR fans trek to their favorite track and spend 3, 4, even 5 days before the race tailgating and enjoying simply hanging out with other fans. It’s part carnival, part Woodstock, part family reunion, but all about food, fun and racing. Over the years, it’s built up fan base, so loyal other sports look to it for guidance. As the NASCAR subculture grew, so did the sport itself until it burst into popularity. New tracks were built in places like California, Chicago and Las Vegas (with one being built in New York right now). Corporations took note and what was once a sport dedicated to the “good ol’ boy network” was now about network television, Wall Street sponsors and big time money.

In more recent years, there continue to be more records set. Juan Pablo Montoya became the first, and only to date, driver to race in all three of the major events hosted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: The Brickyard 400, Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One US Grand Prix in 2007. In 2008, the Car of Tomorrow was used at the race for the first time. The Goodyear tires suffered bad wear patterns which caused blowouts, some after only 10 laps of racing. This year’s race is sure to have records of its own!